Visual Studio 2008 won’t debug Web Applications or can’t attach the debugger to the process

A while back I had had some trouble debugging my Visual Studio 2008 Web Application. It was working for weeks and suddenly just stopped. I was getting the following error: “Unable to attach to application ‘WebDev.WebServer.EXE’ (PID: xxxx) using ‘[Your_PC_Name]'” What I discovered after many hours of dispair that it was my AntiVirus causing the problem. I am running NOD32 and for some reason, NOD32 was blocking my Visual Studio from debugging a Web Project. To solve the problem, I disabled NOD32 (Right Click the icon in the task bar and select Disable) started Visual Studio 2008, loaded my Web Application project and enabled NOD32 again.

After I did that, I was able to debug again. I have been in contact with the NOD32 support guys and they suggested that I try to add the following exclusions:

Open NOD32 –> Select F5 –> Select Exclusions –> Add the following exclusions

“c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\”

“c:\program files\microsoft visual studio .net 2003\”

I haven’t tried this yet, but a possible solution if the disable / enable NOD32  fix doesn’t work.

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